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سبتمبر 16, 2021 غير مصنف لا توجد تعليقات غير مصنف لا توجد تعليقات |exo reaction exo imagine kpop reaction About the change - I figured that even if I include ex members in reactions. Their names will be what they chose themselves! In case you were wondering why the sudden change ^^Exo Reacting to their child being the mirror image of them. 》 FAQ // Masterlist. Xiumin - His daughter had inherited everything from him. From his mono-lids to his favorite food, she was an exact replica and he loved it. Going around town with her would be his most favorite thing in the world, showing her off to everyone that would look ...|quently seen in children. It occurs annually in around 2.8% of children aged up to four years old and 1.6% of those aged 5-15 not effective years (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, 2013). The third most common skin disease seen in children after eczema and viral warts (Sladden and Johnston, 2004), it is usually |EXO (OT12) - Reaction to Their S/O Feeling Insecure About Their "First Time" Cause They Are Chubby. As Requested. :) ... "You are truly a work of art my Y/N. Don't feel bad about yourself." He wrapped his arms around you and brought you close, placing a kiss on you forehead. ... You hugged him and thanked him for being "amazing ...Oct 14, 2019 · On Dec. 18, 2017, SHINee singer Kim Jong-hyun (known as Jonghyun) committed suicide, baffling fans and even fellow K-pop stars who figured the 27-year-old was on top of the world. "It was so ... Pamela Landau. Psychotherapist, educator, public speaker. Welcome; About; Contact; WelcomeEXO REACTION: their best friend says they should date " I really liked your BTS reaction to their bff being single. Could I request a BTS and/or Exo (whichever you have the most inspiration for, or...|Exo reaction to meeting their gfs first love/boyfriend. Sorry for the long wait!!!! As I've explained earlier, my computer got messed up and I couldn't post anything from it. ... I guess at the end of the day I have to thank you for being such a douchebag, after all, ... .so if I were you I'd go home and think about all the bad decisions ...+ pairing :: park chanyeol + reader + genre and warnings :: fluff, i always forget to put language as a warning but it’s nothing offensive lol just like,,,, cursing idk, chanyeol is Large and a babie but wbk, descriptions of the reader being physically smaller than chanyeol; i don’t mean to describe them as “thin,” more as just,,, physically smaller/shorter than him lmao EXO's Reaction to you being a History Teacher —————— Minseok: *Amazed at your teaching ways. He always saw teachers fail to teach their students but your techniques worked instantly.* "Impressive, maybe I should ask her for some pointers." Originally posted by xiuminel. Junmyeon: *He was the other History teacher.Mafia!EXO reaction to their innocent girlfriend breaking up with them out of fear. this will be done member by member! Originally posted by baeksilisk. Baekhyun version! You looked into his eyes. His sweet eyes in which were too innocent to ever hurt anyone. They belonged to the most caring man you have ever met yourself.|Best Gifts For Hunters Under $25. 1. The MeatEater Fish And Game Cookbook. There’s no better way to cap off a successful hunt than a great home cooked meal made from the fruits of your hunt. However, wild game sometimes gets a bad reputation because hunters improperly handle or cook their meat. |EXO REACTION when their daughter look exactly like their dead wife It's okay! Thanks for requesting! Sehun: (reach his arm for his daughter) wife…. don't leave me. (then realized it's his...|He tied the knot with his wife in January, and the two welcomed their first child last month. Naturally, the group's fandom EXO-L was over the moon seeing the boys together again after so long. "Jongdae how i've missed your smile," tweeted one fan, another said , "JONGDAE I MISS U SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH," and one fan stated , "You make me happy in ...|bts reaction to their teenage child getting into their first car accident vixx-bts-scenarios said : hello ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ love your work!! could i have a bts reaction to their teenage child (who they're very close with) getting in their first car accident, and they have to be taken to the hospital, but it's nothing too serious??|EXO REACTION, when they come home from a long tour and their baby doesn't recognize them. XIUMIN - Don't cry, I'm your father! I swear I'm not a stranger! LUHAN - KRIS - Oh come on, let your daddy...|exo reaction: holding their baby for the first time. Could you please write a EXO reaction to holding their first born for the first time? Thank you Minseok: Your final night of sleep had been cut short by your waters breaking, meaning the two of you were exhausted before getting your baby into the world.|"EXO reacts to their partner being pregnant :)" Here you go anon! :) Xiumin: "You're pregnant?!" Ahh he would scream grabbing you and wrapping you in a big hug before backing up and asking you if hugs would hurt the baby. As you happily shook your head no, he'd scoop you up and hug you again. Originally posted by secrethideoutme

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